Maxell LTO-5 Data Tape

Maxell LTO-5 Data Tape

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The Maxell LTO Ultrium 5 data cartridge may be used in all Ultrium 5 drivesKey FeaturesStorage capacity (2 : 1compressed) - 1.5TB (3TB)Maximum transfer rate (2 : 1compressed) - 140 MB/s (280...
The Maxell LTO Ultrium 5 data cartridge may be used in all Ultrium 5 drives

Key Features
Storage capacity (2 : 1compressed) - 1.5TB (3TB)
Maximum transfer rate (2 : 1compressed) - 140 MB/s (280 MB/s)
Cartridge dimensions (H x W x L) - 102.0 mm x 105.4 mm x 21.5 mm
Cartridge Color - Reddish brown
Coercivity - 227 kA/m (2850 Oe)
Main features of Maxell LTO Ultrium 5 data cartridges

The implementation of Maxell NeoSMART (Super Maximum-capacity Advanced Reliability Tape) technologies, developed through years of refinement and experience in data storage, has been instrumental in enabling the development and release of LTO Ultrium 5 data cartridges. Key features of Maxell LTO 5 data cartridge include:

New ultra-fine ceramic-armored metal particles with high energy and superior recording performance realize high capacity of 3TB*. Maxell’s ceramic armor coats the metal particle with a thin ceramic layer to protect it from corrosion and provide advanced archival storage life and superior durability.

Extremely accurate servo writing technologies, which Maxell developed originally in its manufacturing process, ensure stable servo characteristics and superior tracking reliability, corresponding to increased data track density, approximately 1.4 times compared with LTO4, to achieve the high capacity of 3TB*.

Maxell’s exclusive magnetic coating was formed by cross-linking the binder system with two different functional binders. The main binder utilizes CB (Chemical Bonding) segments to bond chemically with the ceramic layer of the magnetic particles to improve packing-density characteristics. This allows an extremely strong chemical linkage of the metal particles, resulting in superior durability and excellent stability during long term storage.

For significantly increased data track density, the basefilm with superior dimensional stability, ensures excellent reliability and durability for high density recording and playback, as well as archival storage.

Maxell developed the technology to enable uniform, ultra-thin and sub-micron magnetic coating. This technology and advanced calendaring processes achieves remarkably high output and enhanced stability for read/write performance.
*Assumes 2:1 data compression

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