YoYotta ID with LTFS Option

YoYotta ID with LTFS Option

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The YoyottaID + LTFS Option gives you all the features of YoYotta PLUS the ability to archive to LTO Tape too! For a full rundown of the latest supported tape drives head over to yoyotta.com...

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The YoyottaID + LTFS Option gives you all the features of YoYotta PLUS the ability to archive to LTO Tape too! For a full rundown of the latest supported tape drives head over to yoyotta.com. We reccomend the fantastic mLogic mTape though, if you have a thunderbolt port on a Mac then YoYottaID LTFS and an mTape work hand in hand to provide you with a fast, easy to use, open format LTO archive system.

About YoYotta:
YoyottaID makes media management simple and safe. It gives you the tools to easily move media from one source to another, ensuring full verification at every stage. The easy 1,2,3 process of selecting source, selecting destination and then starting the backup means that virtually anyone can use it from the inexperienced to the data wrangling pro.

All media metadata is stored in a local database so you can use YoYottaID to catalog your drives, volumes and tapes.

YoYottaID stores full media metadata including codec, resolution, duration. It's quick to locate media and you can see where it's stored. Open a virtual folder showing all the media from your search in one place. Make PDF reports from searches, handy to give the producer a list of shoot durations for all media types. Receive email alerts, create PDF Reports, ensure file permissions are set correctly.

YoYotta's software runs on Apple Mac hardware.

As soon as camera cards or drives are connected they will appear on the left in the Media table. Source drives are mounted read-only preventing accidental erasure. YoYottaID calculates an MD5 checksum whilst copying and then verifies against this without any slowdown. See how long the backup will take. When completed the green ticks show that all is correct and a PDF report will keep an audit of the files copied.

Cards/Drives can be copied to multiple Backup destinations simultaneously. Copy multiple cards at once, or add them to a card for sequential backup. Limited only by the speed of connected storage. Stop an import and pickup later. Span large backups across multiple volumes, disks and tapes.

Each backup is independently verified. This reduces the verify time.

YoYottaID can make consistent folders based on Project, Day, Date, Camera and Media names. This will make life easy throughout your project. v2 has more flexible tokens for folder names. Presets are automatically recalled for different camera types.

Choose what you import!
The client brings their slow USB2 drive into your Post House. You need all the DPX and ArriRAW files in your grading suite right now. The trouble is the files are all over the drive and there are loads of other file types that you don't need.
When you connect a drive YoYottaID will show all the file types. Select the ones you need and YoYottaID will quickly transfer just those. They won't just be dumped into one folder, the original folder structure will be preserved on the destination. Also YoYottaID knows about sidecar files, so for example if you select MOV you will also get THM, if you select R3D you will also get RMD.

Queue Backups using Smart Queue!
If you need to copy multiple high speed cards to the same RAID, then it's often quicker to process them sequentially rather than simultaneously. But this would mean waiting for each backup to complete.
YoYottaID will offer to add the backups into a queue. So you can walk away and let it get on, letting you know as each completes.