1Tb and Smaller

1Tb Desktop Drives and Smaller.

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  • Glyph Technologies GPT50 USB3 Firewire eSata 1Tb
    The new GPT50 has been designed from the ground up in order to provide the fastest performance, best reliability, and a simple, elegant experience throughout your creative process. With USB 3.0, FireWire, and eSATA, you can connect via your interface of choice, and by selecting high quality componen..
    Ex Tax: £143.65 £172.38
  • mLogic mBack hard drive for iMac 1Tb
    mBack attaches to your iMac or Apple Display stand so it doesn't stand out. Add additional storage capacity to your system without cluttering up your workspace.  Simple.  Elegant.  Why didn't someone think of this before?  - Unique zero-footprint hard drive- Mounts to iMac or Apple Display stand (Al..
    Ex Tax: £100.00 £120.00