Glyph StudioRAID FW800/USB3/eSATA


Glyph StudioRAID 7200RPM FW800/USB3/eSATA Pro Desktop Dual HDD

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Glyph StudioRAID 7200RPM FW800/USB3/eSATA Pro Desktop Dual HDD

The Glyph StudioRAID 7200RPM FW800/USB3/eSATA Pro Desktop Dual HDD is ideal for supporting intensive workflows. It is fast, quiet and reliable making it the perfect partner for any creative professional. You can connect to an interface you choose thanks to the option of eSATA, FireWire and USB 3.0. You can support modes of RAID 0 and RAID 1, so you can choose yourself between having an extra back-up of data, or a drive with faster performance. With the StudioRAID you can be looking at transfer rates as fast as 350 MB/s.

The device turns on automatically as soon as you connect using FireWire or USB 3.0 and with industry-standard power adaptors, you will recieve a professional quality power souce.

A red light will signal if the drive has an imminent failure thanks to the disk monitoring facilities so this helps to keep your data safe. You also won’t lose data from accidentally turning off the drive as the switch must be held for three seconds to do so.

The device also contains a quiet fan to keep the it cool. The holes on the front of the device also provide ventilation and warm air is exhausted out of the back. This keeps it reliable for long-term use.

Who are Glyph?

Built by professionals for professionals, Glyph manufacture trusted storage solutions for the creative market. Their products are simple yet extremely high quality and packed full of performance. They are assembled in the USA and put through a strict set of tests before leaving the factory, ensuring they ‘just work’ when the client receives them. Reliable, well designed and bundled with their legendary 3-2-1 policy that includes 3 years full warranty, 2 years of Level 1 data recovery,  and 1 year advance replacement!

Salon Pro Sales have been a Glyph reseller for a number of years so if you have any questions about the products or are looking for impartial advice just get in touch.


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